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Maldives Atolls & Regions

Posted by Listing Editor on 20/01/2023

Atolls of the Maldives

The Maldives are formed by 20 natural atolls, along with a few islands and isolated reefs.

The Maldives is a long and narrow country formed by 20 natural atolls. Some atolls are in the form of a number of islands by time and in the form of isolated reefs, which could be classified as smaller atoll formations. All land above the surface in the Maldives is of coralline origin. The atolls of the Maldives form a quite regular chain and, especially in the northern and central atolls, an arrayed structure is apparent. There are broad and deep channels in between some atolls.The origin of the word atoll itself is in the language of the Maldives

Maldives Atolls
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List of Atolls in the Maldives

Haa Alif Atoll


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Haa Alif Atoll – officially referred as Thiladhunmathi Uthuruburi (Northern Thiladhunmathi Atoll) is the northernmost administrative division of the Maldives. As the administrative division known as Haa Alif it includes Ihavandhippolhu, the northernmost natural atoll of the Maldive archipelago, as well as a section of the larger Thiladhunmathi or Tiladummati Atoll.

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Thiladhunmathi was divided into its northern and southern divisions on May 21, 1958. The north division was integrated with Ihavandhippolhu forming administratively an new atoll called Haa Alif atoll or Thiladhumathi North. In total Haa Alif Atoll contains 42 islands, 14 of which are inhabited. At present there are three Tourist resorts in the atoll. North Thiladhunmath is third largest atoll in the Maldives in terms of population and land area. The Atoll being the north tip of the Maldives, it is the closest to Sri Lanka and India.

Kaafu Atoll


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Kaafu Atoll is an administrative division of the Maldives. It consists of Kaashidhoo Island, Gahaafaru Atoll, and Malé Atoll (which includes the North Malé Atoll and the South Malé Atoll). It also has a number of uninhabited islands. Malé, capital of the Maldives is naturally located within the North Malé Atoll, but it is not part of the Kaafu administrative division.

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