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LABS Group Explores Opportunity to Tokenize One of Resorts on Maldives Islands

Posted by Boahiyaa Management on 02/05/2021

LABS is the world’s first end-to-end real estate tokenization ecosystem to develop accessible and cost-efficient investment opportunities for all.

LABS is on its way to building a one-of-a-kind investment ecosystem offering opportunities to its growing community. They actively partner with real estate developers and firms worldwide, tapping into the tokenized real estate investment market’s full potential. The company has announced a partnership with the possibility of tokenizing the Ifuru Resort, a top-of-the-world luxury complex located on one of the world’s most exclusive islands in nowhere other than the one and only – Maldives.

The lease that the group is looking to invest in includes three significant parts.

The Ifuru Island Resort
The Ifuru Domestic Airport
The Funadhoo Virgin island
This means that when one invests, people fundamentally are investing in a possible structure and self complementing the tourist ecosystem, with unlimited opportunity and possibilities yet to be unleashed.

Firstly a recently completed brand new resort, the IFuru, and its development team offer a rare and exclusive investment opportunity. This will not only be a great chance to expand LABS’ investment and involvement, but it will also be a statement signposting the true potential of blockchain technology and precisely the possibility of LABS. But the offer doesn’t just end there, in addition to the Ifuru, a second Maldives island included in the deal, the Funadhoo. The Funadhoo is a pristine virgin island with otherworldly scenery. However, the actual value of the Funadhoo Island with its possibilities for further development will offer nothing but an increase in the value of the project. The two islands are also located within just 20-25 minutes by domestic flight, doubling such investment’s foreseeable return.

Full details are available at the link below:
Source URL: Coin Speaker

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