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Housing issues in Maldives

Posted by Boahiyaa Management on 18/07/2016

Video: Gedhoruverikurun


To anyone who resides in or who is even vaguely familiar with the socioeconomic situation in the Maldives, housing is almost universally seen as one of the most pressing problems both in the capital and in the atolls.

The continuing concentration of the population in Malé, the ongoing decline in land availability, threats of land loss due to climate change, the ongoing reluctance to fully embrace the idea of safe islands, problems associated with achieving population growth in Hulhumalé, increases in land values, ever-increasing rents and housing unaffordability, severe overcrowding, the growing difficulties in allocating land to young families, increasing shortage of clean water and effective sanitation systems and other housing-related challenges are at the core of the housing-related issues that dominate the social framework of the country, and which are widely known by the population as a whole.



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