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Gedhoruverikurun – Planned & Upcoming housing Projects

Posted by Boahiyaa Management on 09/07/2016

Planned & Upcoming housing projects.


Island No. of Housing Units Status
Hulhumale’ 1089 Flats Planned
HA. Dhidhoo 250 Housing Ongoing
HDH. Kulhudhufushi 140 Row Houses
64 Flats
HDH. Hanimadhoo 236 Housing Ongoing
HDH. Nolhivarumfaru 160 Housing Ongoing
SH. Milandhoo 50 Housing Ongoing
R. Dhuvaafaru 76 Housing Ongoing
B. Thulhadhoo 200 Row Houses Ongoing
LH. Naifaru 280 Row Houses Planned
LH. Hinnavaru 100 Row Houses Planned
AA. Thodoo 50 Housing Planned
ADH. Maamigili 200 Housing Planned
DH. Kuda huvadhoo 53 Housing Ongoing
TH. Vilufushi 100 Housing Planned
L. Gan 200 Housing Planned
L. Funadhoo 85 Housing Ongoing
GA. Vilingili 52 Flats Planned
GDH. Thinadhoo 220 Flats Planned
GDH. Madaveli 22 Flats Planned
GDH. Gahdhoo 50 Flats Planned
GDH. Hoadhehdhoo 40 Flats Planned
GN. Fuvahmulah 200 Flats Planned
S. Hithadhoo 264 Flats Planned
S. Hulhumeedhoo 48 Flats Planned



Source: gedhoruverikurun.gov.mv

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