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Housing Development Corporation – Hulhumalé for RESIDENTS

Posted by Boahiyaa Management on 03/07/2016

Hulhumalé offers investment opportunities in the areas of commerce, education, health, housing, recreation, tourism, fisheries, and a number of other related areas.


Services available

Edu_Btn Education

Ghaazee School, Lalé Youth International School and Rehendhi School are the schools that are currently operating in Hulhumalé

Ghaazee School is a fully functional integrated primary and secondary school gifted given by the Government of Singapore and the Singapore Red Cross Society. In addition to provision of primary and secondary education, Hulhumalé also has a nursery school that fulfills the kindergarten needs of the existing population.

The Lale’ Youth International School, founded in 2008 provides a safe and nurturing environment for their students. From Kindergarten level to high school standard, Lale’ International School is dedicated to fostering students’ intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and aesthetic development in order to prepare them for life in a rapidly changing world.

The new Rehendhi School which offers Grade 1 – 12, was commenced on year 2015.

Investment opportunities exist for both local and foreign parties, including opportunities to develop an international standard educational facility and vocational training institutes in Hulhumale’.

Transport_Btn Transport

Hulhumalé development aims to encourage the use of public transportation as one of the primary modes of transportation in the island. Types of public transport available at present include:

Ferry services are conducted between Male’ and Hulhumale’ which operates daily between 5.20am-3am with ferries leaving every 15 minutes and every 5 minutes at peak hours both from the Malé and Hulhumalé terminals. The average carrying capacity of the ferries is 110 people per boat.

School Bus Service, Public Bus Service and Airport Bus Service are available. The public bus service operates to all areas of Hulhumalé where residents are currently residing and the bus schedule is set to coincide with ferry arrival and departure timings. The School bus schedule is aligned with School timings.

Airport bus services are available in every one hour starting from 0530hrs till 0300hrs, and the bus leaves from the Bus Stop at Nirolhu Magu in neighborhood 2.

Taxi services are available throughout Hulhumalé and taxis can be obtained through taxi centers. 

Comm_Btn Communication

Postal services
Postal services are available in Hulhumale’ seven days a week, provided by Maldives Post Ltd. which has a local branch onsite in the island.

The two existing telecommunications providers in the Maldives – Dhiraagu and Oreedoo– both operate within and maintain a presence on the island.

Dhiraagu provides fixed telephone lines, mobile and internet services whilst Oreedoo provides mobile telecommunication services and internet services. ROL, a fast growing private telecommunication service provider also caters internet services to the residents in Hulhumale’.

Util_Btn Utilities

Utility services are supplied by the existing utility service providers in Male’.
Water and sewerage facilities’ are managed by Maldives Water and Sewerage Company Ltd. (MWSC). The facilities are managed through onsite locations in Hulhumale’. MWSC also has a front office for basic services such as bill payments, general inquiries and service applications.

Electricity is provided and managed by the State Electric Company Ltd. (STELCO). Providing diesel generated power from an onsite powerhouse in Hulhumale’ for residential, commercial and industrial uses, STELCO also operates a front office for bill payments, inquiries and service applications for services.

 Sec_Btn Security
The Maldives National Defense Force, Maldives Police Services and Fire and Rescue have been active on Hulhumale’ since the first settlement of residents and plays a crucial role in maintaining public security, safety and order within the community.In close partnership with HDC, the police and fire and rescue services are on call 24 hours a day, working towards the safety and welfare of the community.Hulhumale’ Police: 335 0020

Banking_Btn Banking

Bank of Maldives Plc do provide all the services in Hulhumale’ for the convenience of all living in the island.

A local branch has been in existence since early 2005 and is open for business between 0900 hrs and 1500 hrs Sunday to Thursday. It extends a variety of modern banking services in a fully computerized environment. Bank of Maldives is the country’s leading bank.

Health_Btn Health

The Hulhumale’ hospital is a government hospital run by the Ministry of Health and the central health care provider of the island. It is located within close proximity to the Residential Neighborhood district and strives to eliminate the need to travel to other island hospitals for medical treatment by providing a wide range of medical facilities within its walls.
In addition to the current hospital, opportunity exists for development of an international level hospital inclusive of supporting facilities at the Downtown Commercial district.

NGO_Btn Clubs/NGO

There are a number of clubs and non-governmental organizations registered in Hulhumalé working towards the development of a strong society.

HDC is in the process of registering a Residents Council for Hulhumalé which is to function as the primary authority between the citizens of Hulhumalé and HDC. The Council is to consist of elected members from the general public of Hulhumalé, the service providers and other important stakeholders in the Hulhumalé community.

Municipal_Btn Municipal Services

HDC has a separate department, the Municipal Department, which oversees various municipal related services in Hulhumale’. The services offered under the guidance of the Department include:
Contact Number: 335 3535

  • Waste Disposal
  • Landscaping
  • Public area cleaning
  • Street lighting



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